About volleyball LIVE

volleyball LIVE is a FREE social score sharing network. Keep score, share scores and view volleyball scores LIVE. You can use any web capable device to easily keep score LIVE and share LIVE volleyball scores of your favorite teams’ matches with anyone.  Friends, family and fans can view the score LIVE and get real time play-by-play updates!

Why did we create volleyball LIVE?

For years now, we have watched parents and fans send full sentence text messages and updates to spouses, friends, family and fans that were not at the game. These text messages were taking so long to type that the sender was missing out on getting to watch the game and those that weren't there were only getting updates every 5-10 points. We know you want to share live scores and play by plays, so we created volleyball LIVE.

The goal of volleyball LIVE

The fundamental goal of volleyball LIVE is to provide an easy to use app that allows for minimal user input (and thus minimal missed game time for the scorer) and provide real time play by play and live scoring updates for all interested fans.

Possible Uses

The scoring app, as it is right now, has an unlimited number of possible uses. Club volleyball, high school volleyball, college volleyball, beach volleyball and even practices, leagues, and scrimmages can all easily be scored with the volleyball LIVE scoring app.

The Future of volleyball LIVE

We have dozens of additions to the current app already in development phase. Do you want something added to the volleyball LIVE scoring app? Send us an email.