About my LIVE volleyball Scoreboards

Anyone can easily create their own LIVE scoreboard and even place it on your website with our scoreboard widget. Whether it's club volleyball, high school, college or a recreational league, you can set up a LIVE volleyball scoreboard for your favorite team, club, or school. Keep all of your favorite teams' scores in one spot, and even track them all LIVE.

Get Your Own LIVE volleyball Scoreboard!

You can now create your own volleyball LIVE scoreboard. Pick a name for your scoreboard and you will have a permanent http://my.volleyballLIVE.com/yourname to share with everyone!

There are 3 types of scoreboards you can create:

  1. User: This scoreboard will show all past, current and future matches scored by you.
  2. Team: This scoreboard allows you to pick any one of your teams, and will then show all past, current and future matches scored by you that this team played in.
  3. Group: A group scoreboard is versatile - it can be a club, league, district, fan club or any other group's scoreboard. When you create a group scoreboard, you get to decide which users to add to your group. The scoreboard will then show all current, past and future matches scored by EVERY member of your group. This is a perfect way for your club to have your own LIVE scoreboard.

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Add the Scoreboard to your website

When you create a user, team or group scoreboard, you are given the option to create a widget to go directly on to your existing website. With 1 simple line of code which you can copy and paste, as well as the ability to pick from different sizes and color schemes, you can easily integrate it on to your current website.

Click here to see a real LIVE group scoreboard integrated on to a website.


While we work to create 'how to' videos and FAQs, please know that you can email us any time with your questions, comments, or suggestions. Email us at info@volleyballLIVE.com.